Monday, June 29, 2015

Rain and Bike - Winchester, Tennessee

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was good. We had zone meeting up in Sparta, TN, the name is cooler then the actual town. We went to Hardee's for lunch, then drove back, it was a long ride, including waiting for a train. Who knew there are still many trains running around the country. Fireworks have been going off for a while now ... no laws on that down here, I guess they don't think any fires will start.

We had many storms with week, a lot of rain and flooding, it was cool to see, though. I need to stop putting on sunscreen it reminds me to much of the lake cabin, haha. We rode our bikes quite a bit this past week and I enjoyed it.  On a hot day we had the car, but we saw the Sisters and gave the car to them ... and they gave us cookies. Our dinners with members has gone down, because of the sisters, so my pasta diet has gone back up.  Good thing this month is almost over and I will be getting more money. Since we have been riding our bikes more we have become a lot more famous in Winchester. A lot of people call out to us, some nice, but some mean, mainly the teenagers. We met a bunch of people this past week, and they are all so nice to us, we talked with a family, who took pity on us and is going to feed us this Wednesday.

My spiritual thought is the song "How Great Thou Art," many Southerners have wind chimes with that song on it. Love y'all, life is hard, but having Jesus it's not so bad.

Love, Elder Blazzard

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