Monday, November 24, 2014

Kentucky Backwoods in Benton

Dear Friends and Family,

I have been transferred to Kentucky and am settling into a new place that is very different from my previous area in Tennessee. My companion is great and our house is awesome (it is located right next to the church building). 

I'll share one story...Elder Ashton and I were walking at night, basically in the forest (this was right after a dinner appointment). We walked down into what seemed to me be the valley of death, very dark. We approached this creepy looking house and there was a dog barking on a chain; we could not see anything. We noticed a red light on the other side of the house. We stepped up to the front porch...of the house with the red light...and knocked, and then knocked again. All we can hear was a wooden floor creaking. We decided it to make a brisk get-away. As I turned to leave, I noticed a shadow out of the corner of my eye, so I started running...only to realize a moment later that it was my own shadow. After all that craziness, we found another house nearby and the people living there were very nice and accepted The Book of Mormon. We did this all "seeking"  at night because our dinner appointment family referred us to this particular area. I guess it was all good in the end because we were able to add a new investigator.

Kentucky is sick (translation: awesome and I feel comfortable).  I can see all the stars at night which is a tender mercy. I am growing so much in my testimony of Jesus Christ and My Heavenly Father. 
Love you all,
Elder Blazzard

Monday, November 17, 2014

Getting Transferred to Kentucky

Dear Friends and Family,

This week in Murfreesboro was cold, it was even snowing today. I will be going to Calvert City, Kentucky this next transfer. I will miss Murfeesboro and the ward, they feed us so much. We obtained our best numbers this week and it was hard. Our zone completed over one hundred member-present lessons, so that is awesome. I am pretty nervous about going to Kentucky. It is a very small town. My companion and I went to a dinner at a member's home this week and their son just departed on his mission, they made us write to him for payment of the dinner, that was really cool. I went on exchanges with a zone leader, Elder Zabriskie, I had to run the area for a day and it was challenging.  I got through it and even contacted a solid new investigator, so that is good. Did I tell you that when I gave my talk in church last week an Area-Seventy and the Stake President where present? I am very excited to start a new transfer and go to Kentucky. I hope all is going well, love you all.

Elder Blazzard

Monday, November 10, 2014

Baptist Bonanza

Dear Friends and Family,

My companion and I spent most of this week meeting with peoples, teaching lessons, and tracking. Most of the people we meet here are Baptist and that
is the first thing they say at the door, "Oh I'm Baptist," so I say,
great you believe in Jesus Christ. Then I go right in to the Book of
Mormon. The members are great and when I go to church I feel like I am at
home. The leaves are falling fast and winter is rolling in. We are
teaching one person who wants very badly to speak in tongues, so I read a lot
about the gifts of the spirit and how you receive the Holy Ghost. I am
learning so much everyday and  becoming more comfortable with the work each day.

One day it rained and rained, but it was good because we taught like 6 lessons
at the door because everyone was home. I love and hate tracking now
and sometimes you love the people you talk to and others are just rude
and you just want to spit in their face. On Sunday, after having
dinner at a member's home, my companion and I went to a Baptist Church
with some investigators. It was fun and very interesting to hear the
language being used, but it got a little awkward when the pastor said this is the
book and the only book of God, having the bible in his hand looking
right at us. I was just smiling the whole time, like okay buddy.


Elder Blazzard

Monday, November 3, 2014

It is cold ...

Dear Friends and Family,

This week the weather was freezing, but I worked through it. We are teaching so many people, but few want to continue to be taught. I think one investigator is close to getting baptized. She knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

The weather here is changing quickly and it is getting a lot colder. Members are so nice. They feed us so much, like every night. I am serving in Blackman (Murfreesboro) is rated one of the best school districts in America so, it brings in a lot of rich people. So tracking is getting boring now, but what is exciting is just talking to people everywhere, that is where we have the most success.

There are so many leaves and the trees here are just beautiful. It is exciting to see the growth of the church in Tennessee. The Church is building many new buildings to hold all the new members.

from BYU Football FB Page
The BYU Football fireside (before the BYU vs. Middle Tennessee State game) was interesting and it was great to hear the testimonies of the players. They also did a question and answer session.

The more I fill my head with scriptures and conference talks the easier it is to talk to and teach people. I am glad that I have so much time to read and study.


Elder Blazzard