Monday, November 10, 2014

Baptist Bonanza

Dear Friends and Family,

My companion and I spent most of this week meeting with peoples, teaching lessons, and tracking. Most of the people we meet here are Baptist and that
is the first thing they say at the door, "Oh I'm Baptist," so I say,
great you believe in Jesus Christ. Then I go right in to the Book of
Mormon. The members are great and when I go to church I feel like I am at
home. The leaves are falling fast and winter is rolling in. We are
teaching one person who wants very badly to speak in tongues, so I read a lot
about the gifts of the spirit and how you receive the Holy Ghost. I am
learning so much everyday and  becoming more comfortable with the work each day.

One day it rained and rained, but it was good because we taught like 6 lessons
at the door because everyone was home. I love and hate tracking now
and sometimes you love the people you talk to and others are just rude
and you just want to spit in their face. On Sunday, after having
dinner at a member's home, my companion and I went to a Baptist Church
with some investigators. It was fun and very interesting to hear the
language being used, but it got a little awkward when the pastor said this is the
book and the only book of God, having the bible in his hand looking
right at us. I was just smiling the whole time, like okay buddy.


Elder Blazzard

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