Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 9 - Winchester, Tennessee

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was good. On Tuesday, we had interviews with both President and Sister Andersen. The interviews took place in Altamont so the drive was long. That day we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. A member took us out that night and we had two great lessons with him. Wednesday we dropped the car off for the sisters and had lunch at the gas station. We had a lesson with this family. We met the boyfriend at Walmart, but now we are teaching the whole family, it is great. That night a member took us out, he will only drive on roads he knows apparently because he drove all the way to Estill Springs then back to Winchester and then up the back Hwy to this guys house, oh well. We had a good lesson, nevertheless, found this guy who was taught by missionaries some time ago.
On Thursday we had a member take us out in the middle of the day to take us to this two lessons, both lessons went great. That night Elder Weaver had a prompting to go to this member's house, we get there and the son we are teaching just left, but the mom wanted us to teach him so she had her husband take us to his house so we could have a lesson with him. The lesson went awesome, he asked good question and he read some of the Book of Mormon, The Lord works in His ways not ours.
Friday we had weekly planing, we had dinner at the restaurant owned by a member, he is a recent convert and is preparing to go to the temple, he asks some hard questions, but it was fun. That night we had a member meet us at a lesson, I clean his computer of viruses and malware, then that member helped us find this address of a former investigator. It was a good night. On Saturday we had service at a member's house but before that he got us breakfast at Hardee's and he didn't even have to pay for it, the guy before us in the drive through did. It was cool. The service wasn't bad but getting back to correlation in time was tough. We had a good day with lessons here and there, lots of going around to people. That night we had a lesson in Cowan, the lady is a talker, she told us of the mountain men coming and murdering her neighbor, and that she sees them for time to time, I got a little freaked out but... what are you going to do. On Sunday we had just sacrament, there was a funeral for a two year old boy who died of cancer, it was sad to see. The funeral was supposed to be packed so we had to get out right after sacrament meeting. We tracted right have church, we didn't have too much success. We had dinner in Cowan and at member's house, baked spaghetti.  Later that night we had a great lesson with a guy the sisters found for us. Today we are going to Altamont to hike with the other elders, pray we don't run into any mountain men. Love y'all.

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. (3 Nephi 13)

Elder Blazzard

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