Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Simple, Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a good week. We had to get our TiWi replaced on the Jeep. We went down to the mission office Wednesday morning and then we had to rush back for district meeting. We had a youth take us to district meeting. We did more yard service this week. I threw-out my back tossing garbage away in one of the projects. It feels a lot better now though, thank goodness.

I have been working on my teaching. I been trying to be more simple. So it was a rough week teaching as I discovered how much I could improve. We had a couple of really good lessons this week, nevertheless. We had two investigators at church. Things are looking up for the area we are going to get a couple more people moved into the branch and some baptisms that might be coming up soon.

Have a good week y'all and see the good side of things. Heavenly Father loves you.


Elder Blazzard

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