Monday, August 24, 2015

Funeral Home = Church Building

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was great. We ended up teaching over thirty lessons ... hard work pays off. Next Sunday is branch conference and we are hoping to convince the stake to buy the funeral home and make it into an actual church building. It is hard to hold church with funerals every other Sunday. We had a lot of great lessons on getting answers from God. Teaching this concept was great because my understanding now is a lot better. I sang at church this last Sunday. ... I know, what!! It went okay though. I guess I will do anything for the sister missionaries, ha. A future from Kansas went out with us Tuesday and Thursday this week and he drove us to district meeting in Jasper, Tennessee. We had a lesson Tuesday with a family, the dad is going to get baptized. He had been going to church for ten years now and thinks it is time he makes the plunge. This Monday the Jasper missionaries came up to our area because we gave the car to the sisters because one of the sisters is being emergency transferred. It has been a great summer. Hope you all are doing well, best wishes.

Love,  Elder Blazzard

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