Monday, August 17, 2015

Food for Thought

Dear Friends and Family,
 This was a good week. Monday's pday was boring however a member bought us some groceries. Be nice to the missionaries and you will be blessed. This week we went to the temple in Nashville. A member drove us missionaries and it was a great experience. Later that night while sleeping, I had a dream about the temple in that I was working in the temple throughout the night and I just felt great. It was sad to wake up.
On Thursday we had district meeting in Altamont and then went to the only restaurant in town, a Mexican one. I then started my exchange with Elder Tuita down in Jasper. That day was his birthday, so we ate and ate ... Pizza, Mexican food, fast food, and shakes, I was dying slowly, my stomach was hurting so bad. My companion was glad to have me back in Winchester. I know Winchester like the back of my hand. Church was good but it was just sacrament meeting again, so it was short. Thanks for the support and prayers! Oh, yea, our car got backed into but the accident just a dent.

 Love, Elder Blazzard

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