Monday, October 20, 2014

David Archuleta

Dear Family and Friends,
This week we have been having great success with people. Tracking is still fun and exciting, however, that type of work can be challenging because the contacts ask some difficult questions. This is all good though because that means I get to study the New Testament that much more during personal study. I love personal study time because I get an hour of just reading and writing about scriptures. Sometimes an hour is not enough. We get dinners almost every night by members. We have dinner then share a spiritual thought and talk about their family's mission plan. It was cool to meet Brother Ritter at church, he was in the same apartment as my father during a time in their mission (California San Jose Mission - Milpitas - Winter 1990 in Milpitas, CA). He was so excited that he sent a text to my father right then. On that Sunday we attended a mission wide conference were David Archuleta spake and sang songs. It was great to visit with my district from the MTC. We also got the Christmas picture taken. Madison, where the conference was held, was just north of Nashville so I got to see the Nashville lights at night.

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