Monday, October 13, 2014

First Week in the Field

So I made it to my first p- day in the field. I am in the Blackman
area in the Murfreesboro zone. Tennessee is so beautiful and the trees
are great, it is so green here.  Yes there are fireflies here, so
awesome. We do have iPads which is sweet no paper work :). My
companion is Elder Nez and he is great he has trained two other
missionaries. We have a car ever other day it is a VW Jetta. The bike
riding is easy and a little fun actually. That is crazy Brock is going
to Argentine so exciting, he will do great. We track at least one hour
a day and it is my favorite part because everyone down here knows
Jesus Christ, so we just have to invite them to read the Book of
Mormon and bear our testimonies.
One night we went to the Hazelrigg's and the mom cooks amazing
southern food, we had fried pork. Then on Sunday night we went to the
Johnson's and they gave us fried pork chops. It is all so good,
mmmm.... It really hits the spot. The southern style homes down here
are huge and gorgeous. So many brick homes!
Traffic is pretty bad here even in Murfreesboro. We had Brother Terry
take us back to the apartments after transfers. He took us to Red
Robin which was cool.
On Sunday we taught the gospel doctrine class and then I helped with
the 7 sunbeams class, which was fun. I will probably need to get a
jacket it is a wet cool here and it is chilling to the core. I am in
the best mission in the USA because my mission tried facebook and the
iPad's first.


Elder Blazzard

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