Monday, December 8, 2014

Working in Kentucky

Dear Friends and Family,

This week was crazy busy. On Tuesday, we went to the hospital to visit a member who's blood sugar went through the roof so he was stabilizing in the hospital. Then we went to the nursing home and visited two investigators; one was all dolled up because her family was coming that day.  She really likes me and my companion thinks it is hilarious. A member took us to "Hutchens", a small town restaurant. We will be going to to this member's home on the Kentucky Lake next Tuesday. She is super excited to show me around the lake. On Friday, we walked down HWY 68 in the dark and on the way back we started to run a little because my companion felt a dark feeling ... so we ran. We
made it back to the car safely; however, the car was stuck in a lot of mud so I had to push it out of the mud while getting mud all over my suit. That was a fun night.

We talked with a family ... their daughter claimed that she was an atheist at first and then bore her testimony of God.  The family was crying because her testimony was so strong. On Sunday night right before the First Presidency Christmas Devotional we hiked up to this house through a jungle of plants to get up the porch that had one light, We heard a creak and nothing else so we decided to leave. We passed by a trailer nestled in the forest with gross couches in the front yard. We left a pass along card on one of the couches.

Our Branch President is very dedicated to the work and is working with Church facilities on the branch building which has gone through many prior renovations. At first the building was owned by a baptist church.

There are so many blessings and miracles happening in Calvert City, Kentucky.

I love it. Have a great week.


Elder Garrett Blazzard

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