Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the Gift and food

At the beginning of this week we did exchanges and I went to Paducah, Kentucky with Elder Keys. We had dinner at the local bishop's house and his family was very nice. Wednesday was district meeting and I was back in Calvert City. At district meeting we talked about He is the Gift incentive (found on This program during the Christmas season is so cool and the initiative will be seen worldwide.

Thanksgiving was great. First we had lunch with some members at a local buffet restaurant. We thanked the lady who served us for working on a holiday. She was so sad to be away from her family. We then had lunner at a members home, who had many nonmembers there. And finally we had dinner at another members home. The food was all good, but the best was all the dressing made with corn bread. The dressing seemed a little sweeter. Something weird was they had the innards with the turkey, mmmm. On Friday we had another thanksgiving dinner, and after the dinner we went and saw some lights. We had fried turkey, that was so good. We are sharing He is the Gift video with many and people love it along with the pass along cards which are very well designed.

The work is progressing nicely.

Love, Elder Blazzard

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