Monday, April 27, 2015

Get 'em - Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Family and Friends,

Nashville is a great city and I am glad I am here serving. For the first part of the week I was in Donelsen, which is the part of Nashville by the airport. Tuesday we walked a lot and we tried to contact a lot of people and had some success. We talked with a single mom who is a great investigator and who loves the Book of Mormon. She told this story about her house cleaner throwing away her Books of Mormon and trying to cast the devil out of her. It was a great story.  Some people are crazy.

After that lesson we walked home and in order to get home fast we decided to take a short cut.  We had to travel through a little forest on the edge of our greater neighborhood. As we got to the end of the street and started into the forest, dogs began to bark like crazy. We then hear a women say, "Go get him boy!" We were like, 'Crap!' and we ran through the forest, jumping the creek, and getting to the other side as fast as we could.  It was a rush, but we got home safely.

On Wednesday, after district meeting, the missionaries did a service project at Sister Mickelsen's  and Sister Young's house because they are getting ready to move. The rest of the week went without much incident. We played capture the flag with some members on youth night and it was fun. Oh, btw, I tried Fat Mo's this week which is a burger joint. It was really good.

Y'all have a good week.


Elder Blazzard

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